A place where everyone feels at home

Our vision is all about creating a neighbourhood that connects people. We hope to build a distinctive district in East London that’s surrounded by places to go and things to do. How is it going to happen? Well, we’re already on the journey and great things are happening! 

We believe community is participation, so to realise our ambition we need to pull together. London is made of many hands, and so is East Wick + Sweetwater. 

A team of people are working in collaboration to bring this neighbourhood to life and, of course, the neighbourhood would be nothing without the people in it. So we’re championing community spirit and encouraging everyone who lives, works and visits here to get involved – we like to think of us all as one big family 🙂 

We also strongly believe that diversity enriches. Our location is diverse; surrounded by waterways, busy yet calm, individual but connected. Our community is made up of lots of different people too from all walks of life. 

Above all, whether you’re planning on settling here or just stopping by, we want you to feel welcome, part of something special, and empowered to make this part of London your own. 

The vision for East Wick + Sweetwater is being brought to life with a set of core principles in mind. The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is at the heart, with new green space, play areas, and walking routes planned to connect the park with the canal and wider area. Our eclectic mix of neighbours (Copper Box Arena, Hackney Wick and Here East, to name a few) are all being carefully considered too, to make sure that the new neighbourhoods blend in well with the surroundings and enhance what’s already there. The big ambition is to create a place for everyone to enjoy, now and for years to come 🙂

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