East Wick: naming inspiration

Ever wondered how buildings and streets get their name? Well, wonder no more. While we can’t tell you the science behind every street or building name in the country, we can certainly tell you how the names at the first phase of East Wick + Sweetwater came to be.

Practically all of the street and building names in the neighbourhood have been inspired by Hackney Wick and the local area, taking inspiration from key people, historical figures and influences. 

Tandy Place

Inspired by Jessica Tandy, who was an English-American stage and film actress, best known for her academy award-winning role in Driving Miss Daisy. Born in Geldeston Road in Hackney, she went on to star in over 100 stage productions and had more than 60 film and television roles.

Kingsford Row

Named after Anna Kingsford, an English anti-vivisectionist and women’s rights campaigner. She was one of the first English women to get a degree in medicine.

Forbes Lane

Originally from Stratford, Bryan Forbes was a film director, screenwriter, film producer and novelist.

Merchants House*

17th century merchants used to travel to Hackney Wick a lot because of the proximity to central London and the excellent transport links along the waterways and canals. 

Bridge House*

There have been lots of new bridges built across the canals and waterways so we thought we should honour them!

Makers House

If you’re a regular visitor to the area you’ll know this name doesn’t need much of an explanation (but just incase: we chose it in recognition of all the local ‘makers’ creatives and artists living/working in Hackney Wick and Fish Island)

Silk House

Hackney Wick had a silk factory in the late 18th century, which is a major part of East London’s industrial heritage.

Refinery House

In the late 1800s there was a local oil refinery, Carless Capel and Leonard, which was famous for introducing the term ‘petrol’.

*Pssst, fun fact… Our team on site have nicknamed these two buildings “The Spaceship” due to its angular shapes!