EW+S Stories x Taking Shape Association

Who best to talk about the local area that surrounds East Wick + Sweetwater than the people who make it such a unique community?

In this third episode we caught up with Kevin, who tells us about growing up in the multi-cultural borough of Hackney and how the principles of Kung Fu, learned and mastered over many years, gave him a strong sense of self-discipline and self-understanding which help him master key challenges in life and which he now uses to empower others, particularly vulnerable communities. And that’s how Taking Shape was born!

Kevin supports the community by sharing the core values of Kung Fu. Through his work, he demonstrates how these principles can applied to everyday life and how they can be applied to support self-growth.

Taking Shape works with vulnerable young people and adults, offering a vast range of affordable fitness and holistic services, which combine the values and disciplines of Martial Arts with elements of non-physical disciplines like body coordination, balance, conditioning, fitness, mental focus, mentoring, reflection, coaching, and meditation to enhance mental wellbeing and to empower participants to build resilience and confidence to make positive life choices and achieve personal goals. This intrinsically strength-based approach builds important protective factors to help counteract some of the key challenges individuals face.

Taking Shape works with cohorts of individuals over multi-week programmes as well as through one-to-ones, or group sessions.

Find out more about Taking Shape and donate here and follow them on twitter, facebook or instagram – you can also find a quick overview of their work here

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