Having a chat with... Chloe from The Body People

After 14 years teaching everything from Spin, Pilates and Zumba, Chloe Redmond was ready to launch her own passion project The Body People.

This incredible new Fitness, Dance and Aerial studio is now open at East Wick + Sweetwater, giving visitors not only a great place to exercise, but somewhere to relax and meet other members of the community. We caught up with Chloe to find out more.


Hey Chloe! What’s the story behind The Body People?

The Body People is my baby! I’d been an Instructor and Personal Trainer for years and felt like some studios open up and just offer Spin, Pilates or Dance, but it was my dream to open up a space where we can do it all Dance, Fitness or swing from the ceiling if you like.  We’re a Fitness, Aerial and Dance studio, and we’re not just about exercise. We’re also looking forward to hosting spoken word events, pop-up markets, rehearsals and photography exhibitions if it fits with our vibe, we’re interested. Our visitors come from all backgrounds. Some people come along to complement their gym routines, whereas others come exactly because they don’t like a generic gym and they enjoy the communal element, chatting and relaxing with others whilst being guided through a big variety of sessions.


Aerial sounds interestingWhat’s that?

Aerial is anything above the floor, so imagine flying, and that’s it! If you’ve ever been to the circus you’ll also get the idea.  Our Aerial Sling and Silk classes are popular as they allow you to be weightless, which can feel really exhilarating, whilst also being a great workout.


What inspired you to start your own studio?

In the past I used to teach classes out of community halls, school halls and gyms, but I could never put my stamp on them. So, when I decided to start my own studio, I wanted to find somewhere where I could grow and expand and put my personal touch on it. Now people come in and tell me they can feel this is somewhere that’s really loved. People walk in and you can see their reaction, which is the best feeling for me. We’ve got an incredible team on board and our timetable is growing with additional Pole Dancing and Yoga classes added to the bill come and check it out!


How did you find EW+S and what do you think of the local area?

I grew up in Walthamstow and was trying to find a space there for years, but many of the newer buildings were occupied. Luckily, one of those venues connected me to the team at EWS. I’ve seen the growth of Stratford and Hackney being an East Londoner, and I feel like EW+S is in the perfect spot between the two. The area has a really nice mix of people from all backgrounds and it’s important to me as a black woman that I could create a space that’s for everyone. We’ve had a great mix of people putting their head around the door and coming in to find out more.


New visitors can claim their first class for free using the code FREE1. Find out more and book by visiting www.thebodypeople.co.uk

IG & TikTok @thebodypeopleuk