Having a chat with... Ben

We’re very pleased to introduce our new commercial tenants… Curfew Grooming.

Ben Theophanous and his team at Curfew Grooming are shaking up the traditional barbershop model.

It’s not often that your hair stylist offers its own branded hot sauce, or collaborates with local brands, but that’s exactly the type of direction Ben’s pushing.

And it’s not just beards and hairstyles that they care about – some of the team have also been trained in Mental Health First Aid, after completing a course with the Lions Barber Collective (a mental health training course specific to the hair and beauty industry).

To find out more, we caught up with Ben ahead of him opening a new, larger space at EW+S.

So, what’s Curfew Grooming all about?

Curfew Grooming is a modern barbershop based in Hackney Wick and Brixton. We believe the traditional barbershop model is broken and does not focus enough on the customer. We provide modern services and products, and we’re bookings only – because we think people have better things to do than wait. We’ve also got barbers that are trained in Mental Health First Aid, because that’s really important to us too.

How did you first hear about EW+S?

We’ve been based in Hackney for almost two years now and we could see how EW+S has been growing. Now it’s time for us to expand, we reached out and started viewing units. We’re really excited to be moving literally across the road from where we are now and becoming part of the EW+S family.

What do you like about your new space?

A lot of our inspiration and style of barbering is about modernism. The unit we’re taking on features a lot of concrete and feels really on brand. It’s also about five times bigger than our current location too, so we can’t wait to get in and put our mark on it.

What do you love about Hackney Wick?

It’s been really interesting seeing the area change. Often, development or regeneration can negatively impact an area, but when developers are sensitive to the local environment – EW+S being one of those – it can often work to the benefit of the area, the residents, and businesses alike.

Hackney Wick is an eclectic mix of old and new. You see art and creativity everywhere, and it’s home to many creatives. We also feel like the local people tend to support independent businesses over big chains, which is a dynamic I hope never changes. It’s also got a buzzing start up scene. So, we’re proud to call it our home!