Having a chat with... Nick

Who best to tell you what East Wick + Sweetwater is all about than some of the people who helped create it?

Involved from very early days through his role at astudio, one of six architects working across the East Wick + Sweetwater masterplan, Nick Gazanis had previously worked for Norman Foster, one of the world’s most renowned architects, and has worked on a range of fascinating buildings across London.

At East Wick + Sweetwater, astudio have a dual role as well as designing some of the new buildings, they’re also looking at how to optimise the delivery of the overall project, including via Modern Methods of Construction.

We caught up with Nick to get his feedback on his experience so far in helping to create a new neighbourhood in East London.

As architects, what are you trying to achieve with the design of East Wick + Sweetwater?

We want to create a new neighbourhood that clearly echoes its previous use as a park, and to us that means lots of open green spaces and amenity areas for the public to use alongside new residents.

East Wick + Sweetwater has an amazing role to play in the evolution of the park it’s the missing link between the creativity of Hackney Wick Fish Island, and the commerce and infrastructure of Stratford. We all believe that East Wick + Sweetwater has the potential to be the last piece in the jigsaw here, helping to bridge different communities.

We’re one of six architects working on the project which is really exciting, as we all have our own flare and identity. This means the new neighbourhood will offer different styles, which creates a more interesting place to live and visit.

What type of person would enjoy living here?

East Wick + Sweetwater will offer a wide range of tenures, and this means it will attract a much broader community.

The design is heavily focused on establishing a real sense of community, as we want to bring different types of people together.

The landscaping will create a very lush, green area and once this matures we’ll have many really attractive outdoor spaces.

We’re also designing highly sustainable homes, including car-free liveable streets that create a much better sense of community, whilst also providing walking and cycling routes. It’ll certainly be attractive to those who are aware of their environmental impact on the community.

Why would you encourage people to live here?

The location is key. It’s a no brainer really in terms of where it sits, with Stratford and Hackney Wick on its doorstep and the park to enjoy.

The new V&A campus will bring a different crowd and you’ve already got landmarks like Here East and the Copper Box Arena, as well as major sports facilities.

You’ve also got a buzzing nightlife scene and very good links to central London.