What’s in a name?

Turns out quite a lot, actually. Although you might think the name was randomly generated, East Wick and Sweetwater is thanks to the aficionados of the area! 

We believe London is made of many hands, so back in 2012 when the Olympic Games were just finishing up, people in the area were asked what the new neighbourhoods should be called (who doesn’t love a bit of community participation!?). 

The names were judged by a panel of people from Newham, Tower Hamlets, Hackney and Waltham Forest councils.

East Wick, suggested by Oliver O’Brien from Hackney, got its name because of its creative environment and to reference the extension of the area of Hackney Wick, East into the park. Thanks Oliver!

Sweetwater, suggested by Kevin Murtagh from Reading, owes its name to the nearby waterfront and the fact it’s being built where the former Clarnico sweet factory stood. Cheers Kevin!

The factory was there throughout the 20th century and the location was ideal for one of the country’s largest sweet manufacturers  to take sugary deliveries from the banks of the River Lee.

The company was famous for mint creams and also had some other interestingly-named products including coconut-based Toasted Haddocks, and Dolly’s Musical Bottles.